Diesel Fuel Supplement

Winter Performance Benefits:
Prevents fuel gelling in temperatures as low as -40°F
Equals the performance of a 50/50 blend of No. 2 and No. 1 diesel fuels
Lowers Cold-Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) as much as 36°F. — keeps fuel-filters from plugging with wax
Boosts cetane up to 2 numbers for easier cold starts
Contains anti-icing additives — protects against fuel-filter icing
Year-Around Performance Benefits:

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)
Compliant — contains less than 15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur

Effective in all diesel fuels, including
ULSD and biodiesel blends containing up to 20% biodiesel (B20)
Contains Slickdiesel® for maximum fuel lubrication — protects fuel injectors and pumps against acclerated wear from Low and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuels

Boosts cetane up to 2 numbers — engine runs smoother with less power lag and reduced emissions
Boosts power — reduces need for downshifting during high-load conditions
Keeps fuel injectors clean — exceeds
Cummins L10 Injector Depositing Test
Superior specifications

Increases MPG
reduces need for downshifting during high-load conditions
Reduces emissions and black
exhaust smoke
Disperses water in diesel fuel
Improves diesel fuel's resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation -- protects against sludge formation that plugs fuel-filters and injectors
Equals the Performance of a 50/50 Blend of No. 2 and No. 1 Diesel Fuels
Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost provides better cold-weather operability than blending with kerosene or No. 1 diesel fuel and costs 70 percent less. Diesel Fuel Supplement not only modifies the shape and size of wax crystals which fall out of solution as the temperature decreases, but also prevents the wax crystals from settling to the bottom of fuel tanks during storage. Diesel Fuel Supplement lowers the CFPP of No. 2 diesel fuel as much as 36°F. and prevents fuel gelling in temperatures as low as -40°F. Diesel Fuel Supplement also provides anti-icing, lubricity and injector-cleaning benefits that are unobtainable with blended fuels.
Boosts Cetane up to 2 Numbers
There is a direct relationship between a diesel fuel's cetane number and its ignition point. Delayed ignition is a primary cause of increased emissions and inferior engine performance. The lower the cetane number, the longer the ignition delay. Fuels with high cetane numbers burn more quickly and more completely, resulting in smoother running engines with less power lag, lower emissions and easier engine starting.

The Concentrated +Cetane Boost formula (1:1,500 Treatement Ratio) of Diesel Fuel Supplement boosts cetane up to 2 numbers. The Customer Convenience Formula (1:400 Treatment) boosts cetane up to 4 numbers.
Contains Slickdiesel® for Maximum Fuel Lubrication
Slickdiesel sets the standard for lubrication of diesel fuel injection systems. The components of diesel fuel injection systems are lubricated by diesel fuel. Without proper lubrication, fuel injectors and pumps are subjected to increased wear rates and premature failure. Diesel  Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost contains Slickdiesel , a proprietary Power Service diesel fuel lubricator that exceeds the ASTM D-975 maximum specification for lubricity in Low and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuels.
Cleans Dirty Fuel Injectors — Exceeds Cummins L10 Superior Specifications
The Cummins L10 Injector Depositing Test was designed to measure the injector-cleaning capability of detergent additives.  This test simulates stop-and-go driving in 15-second power-to-idle intervals for 125 hours.  After the test is complete, the injectors are removed, flow rated and visually graded for injector deposits.  Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost exceeds Cummins L10 Superior specifications and will keep fuel injectors clean to provide diesel engines more power, less emissions and decreased fuel consumption.

Diesel Fuel Supplement Modifies Wax in Diesel Fuels


Without Diesel Fuel Supplement, large wax crystals block filters and transfer lines, causing fuel gelling.


With Diesel Fuel Supplement, small, compact wax crystals flow in suspension for trouble-free winter operation.

Injectors after 125 hours of Cummins L10 Injector Depositing Test using untreated diesel fuel and fuel treated with Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost.

Diesel Fuel Supplement
Part# Pack Treats
Customer Convenience +Cetane Boost Formula — 1:400 Treatment Ratio
1016-06 6/1 16-Ounce Up to 40 Gallons
1025-12 12/1 32-Ounce Up to 100 Gallons
1080-06* 6/1 80-Ounce Up to 250 Gallons
Concentrated +Cetane Boost Formula — 1:1,500 Treatment Ratio
1050-02 Two/2.5-Gallon Up to 7,500 Gallons
1055 55-Gallon Drum Up to 82,500 Gallons
1260 260-Gallon Tote Up to 390,000 Gallons
*Replaces part No. 1041-04

Typical Physical Properties of Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost
Color Amber
Density (lbs/gal.) 7.6
Flash Point
Customer Convenience +Cetane Boost Formula(1:400)
Concentrated +Cetane Boost Formula (1:1,500)
Pour Point
Customer Convenience +Cetane Boost Formula (1:400)
Concentrated +Cetane Boost Formula (1:1,500)
Minimum Storage Temperature 10°F.
Shelf Life Indefinitely in Sealed Container
In Diesel Fuel
In Biodiesel Blends
In Home Heating Oil
In Kerosene or Jet Fuel
Completely Soluble
Completely Soluble
Completely Soluble
Completely Soluble
Shipping and Handling
HM-181 Class

Combustible Liquid N.O.S. NA 1993 (Hydrocarbons)
Directions For Use:
Add Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost as directed on the container label. Diesel Fuel Supplement should be added to the fuel at a temperature higher than the fuel’s cloud point. To ensure thorough mixing, add prior to filling tanks with diesel fuel. STORE